Stability Wedge
September 15, 2019
Hip Thrust X
March 11, 2018

    State-of-the-Art foot loading system which offers unrivaled mind-muscle connection.

    ENHANCE your safety & stability for the following exercises:

    Squat, Sumo Deadlift, Hip Thrust, Frog Pump, Lunge

    You will immediately notice how your target muscle groups are more efficiently worked then ever before, and even more importantly how COMFORTABLE your joints feel. Top-level professional athletes assisted in development of this product.

    Ultra high friction / anti-slip coatings allow this product to be safely used on virtually any type of floor or flat gym equipment surface. Additionally this product is portable to easily go wherever you do.

    Please feel free to check out video demos of this products use on our social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

    Unsurpassed Quality – Military grade quality control practices are utilized in every possible area of design. We do this to ensure highest possible performance and durability over time.

    100% Made in the USA, as we support locally sourced jobs that pay a living wage in America. Meticulously designed by a United States Marine, Iraq War Veteran.

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