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Hip Thrust X™ “Patent Pending”


ULTRA COMFORTABLE – Unlike any other pad you’ve used in the past! Besides being the most comfortable Hip Thrust pad you can get, the bar will also stay much more stable on your hips during exercise, really allowing you to focus on the exercise!

EXHAUSTIVE research & development goes into every IPR Fitness product. This is to ensure we offer you, our customer, the most balanced, safe, and effective product you can get! This pad has been extensively designed to take uneven pressure off your hips and legs on the barbell Hip Thrust exercise. You may even find that it works for lumbar back support on Leg Press machines and others.

“To obey the booty you must thrust! The IPR Fitness hip thrust pad is the most comfortable pad I’ve used. It allows you to load up the bar with heavy weight and make thrusting a breeze.” – Michelle Hurst / IFBB Bikini Pro

Pad design and materials have been carefully chosen for unmatched comfort, durability, and grip. Closed foam cell structure helps keep your Hip Thrust Pad clean & odor-resistant. Videos for product use located on our social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

100% Made in USA with pride. We support locally sourced jobs that pay a living wage in America. Meticulously designed and tested by a United States Marine, Iraq War Veteran. 100% money back guarantee.

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Please click on this link to watch the demo video:

Hip Thrust X Demo Video Featuring Michelle Hurst

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Charcoal / Soft


Hybrid Taper / 18" x 4.7", Hybrid Taper / 19" x 4.8"

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