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IPR Fitness has revolutionized the fitness equipment & workout accessories industry. Our patented, ergonomically efficient designs are backed by years of research and extensive testing. Currently,  our products have gained the attention of scientific professors from around the nation and are now undergoing clinical trials. We guarantee they will help you get optimal results!. Contact IPR Fitness to maximize your workout!

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The Science behind it all...

Looking at the similarities in designs of footwear used by professional athletes such as NBA players, we noticed a concerted effort that focused on stabilization across all the most popular brands. The stability element allows your major muscles to work more efficiently, as your joints are better aligned and supported as your stabilizing muscles are not being overworked. In a nutshell, without proper stabilization of our hands & feet, our bodies can be exposed to injury; and at the very least a reduction in performance. This concept is similar to why people choose to wear back braces for heavy lifting and wrist supports when bowling. IPR Fitness product designs are only made final once we compile tons of data from rigorous testing. Final designs are then approved and put to use.

Why IPR Fitness?

In the fitness equipment industry, there has never been a more dialed line of workout products, attachments, or accessories geared to maximize joint safety and muscle performance. Every design, from the patented Glute Kickback Pro to our ergonomically designed Iso Handle "XXXL", is researched and developed to encourage maximum workout results. IPR Fitness is manufactured and designed 100% in the United States, therefore, we are able to guarantee consistent qaulity for all of our products. Shop IPR Fitness today and start Maximizing your Workout!

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