Meet Rob SAAR
Veteran Owned & Operated Business

Meet Rob Saar, the visionary behind IPR Fitness, where science, innovation, and wellbeing unite. Our goal is to enhance lives through cutting-edge training equipment and technology. We prioritize factors like bio-mechanics, neurological efficiency, safety, and more in product design. IPR stands for "Intensity Per Rep," a critical focus consistently evaluated by Rob. With a background in competition, engineering, and data-driven training, Rob ensures optimal muscle stimuli and longevity. IPR Fitness embodies a personalized fusion of science and service, inviting you to join our journey defined by passion and holistic health commitment.

Why IPR Fitness?

Why do Top Athletes Love IPR Fitness Products?

Ergonomically Efficient Attachments & Accessories Designed to MAXIMIZE your Workout

It's been said that intensity results. But that's only true if you maximize the effectiveness of your efforts. This is where traditional gym equipment falls short. IPR Fitness products remedy this shortcoming, as our designs focus on ergonomic join function and load distribution. This helps ensure your exercise movements are safe and effective in targeting the muscles your intending to workout. 

  • Why IPR Fitness products are utilized by elite fitness athletes and trainers
  • Patented revolutionary products that perform like nothing else on the market
  • Designs backed by exhaustive research & development to target the muscles you want
  • Protection for your joints through ideal ergonomic design
  • Improved comfort through better selection of materials
  • Proprietary foam which lines our products to maintain control even when you’re soaked in sweat
  • Military grade (MIL-SPEC) materials give you the strongest, lightest, and longest lasting product available

We have revolutionized the fitness equipmemt & workout accessories industry.

The IPR Vision

Rigorous Testing & Research

Our patented, ergonomically efficient designs are backed by years of research and extensive prodct development. Recently IPR Fitness has gained the attention of scientific professors from around the nation and are now undergoing clinical trials. 

We guarantee they will help you get MAXIMUM results!

Our products are designed to be used by every one, in all types of training. They enhance your workouts through improved grip, mobility, and ergonomics. From light maintenance workouts to power-lifting or anything in between. Our products are utilized and endorsed by many serous weightlifters, fitness competitors, professional sports athletes, and Cross-fitters (CrossFit). Other uses may include other weight training or muscle toning exercises using resistance bands and/or home gym equipment. 

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